When Your Gravity Fails
Straight, Alternative-Process and New Antiquarian Photography
John Beaver and Teresa Saska
April 3 - April 27
Opening Reception April 3 (7-9pm)
MPX Gallery, Midwest Photo Exchange
3313 N. High St., Columbus, OH 43202
Call (614) 595-2279 for more information
Two photographers with day jobs, sister and brother, use cameras both old and older, crude and less crude (their simultaneous discovery of ebay resulted in a used camera arms race of sorts). What do they do?  Dreamy black and white portraits, cyanotype and reversal processes combined with modern digital technology, photo mosaics, panoramas, solarization, photograms and the purely abstract.  Despite the wide variety of subjects and techniques, the light of the world touched each of these flat pieces of paper, and left marks - alternately familiar, strange, peaceful and disturbing, but always hopeful.
Contact the Artists: Teresa Saska: [email protected]
John Beaver: [email protected]
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