Picture of a Golopian that Levi made up

My Golopian lives on a basically frozen planet. Everything on the half of the planet where it lives is frozen - they basically are too. On the other side of Golopia there is an Earth-like side where everything isn't frozen. Just like Earth, it's pretty nice - but it doesn't have any poles, no cold poles and no equators it's just nice.

The Golopian has blue skin and wears brown cloth. The men and women are both bald. They have an oval shaped head, and three fingers. They can where brown scallop shells too.

The Golopians don't eat - to make themselves grow stronger they freeze themselves and to make themselves weaker they melt themselves. So in order to get thinner they melt themselves. For special occasions they'll eat food like meat, vegetables and fruit. Their oldest person was 3 million years old. Their years are as long as Earth years, but time seems to go slower because most things are frozen including most of time. Their oldest man is still 3 million years old, but the one before him might have been older because they lost track.

If you know me then you can learn more about them if you ask me.


Picture of a Keekee from Golopia

The Keekee's habitat is the trees on the other side of Golopia - the jungle side. It lives to be 3 million years old. Its favorite food is a strange, three-legged, microscopic animal, but it eats other things too and it drinks water.

The Keekee has black paws that are very sticky. If you're wondering why they're very sticky it's to help them cling on to trees because their claws are only for hunting down prey. The Keekees have black faces to blend into their habitat where it is really dark in the trees. They have brown and black fur - so sometimes they have brown masks over their eyes. Their tales are kind of poofy, and they have three toes on their paws.


Picture of a Prospanian

Prospania is a little green. The Prospanians and a strange liquid are green. The rest is more like purple and black mountains and a black sky, and there are many white clouds. It is pretty much rock and is the same all over the planet.

Prospanians wear brown cloth and most live inside of mountains. The strange green liquid they drink makes their skin green. They eat green mush and live to be 3 million years old, and maybe even 5 million. They can have black hair and they have four fingers.


picture of a Zakian

A Zakian is something that's made of green jello-y stuff. It eats anything it gets, but mostly orange bits from the orange plant you can see in the picture. If you look closely the tentacles near it's mouth that stick out into space are nibbling on the orange stuff. They have very high technology but don't wear clothes, which is okay - they don't mind it because you can't see anything that's special.

Scale of Zakian

picture of Zakian scale

A Zakian, as you can see on the scale, is most likely two feet tall.

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