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March 13th, 2005 - Site opened. Recording of the "Sick, Twisted Drone" demo has been completed.


2005 - The "Sick, Twisted Drone" demo is recorded.
2003 - Band reforms. Only one original member is left. The rehersal tape, "Human=Extinct" is recorded.
2001 - Drummer, and guitarist quit the band. Neurasthenia is put to rest.
1997 - Rehersal tape, "Genocide Of Ignorance" recorded.
1995 - First, and only gig is played in front of an audience of about a dozen people.
1993 - Neurasthenia is formed.


Sick, Twisted Drone

1. Conquest (13:43)
2. War (14:37)
Recorded: 2005/Released: 2005
Download The Demo


1. Deviant
2. Human
3. Extinct
4. Genesis
5. Halo

Recorded: 2001/Released: N/A

Genocide Of Ignorance

1. Genocide
2. Ignorance

Recorded: 1997/Released: N/A


Who are the bandmembers?

Who is in the band, and what instruments they play is not important.

I write reviews for a zine, can I have a promo?

No. We actively discourage reviews of our music. However, if you absolutely must write some meaningless words, for some meaningless zine, you can always download the mp3s.

How about an interview?

We have nothing interesting to say outside of our music.

Are you a tribute band?

No. The fact that we may, or may not sound like a certain band is irrelevant.

So what are your influences?

Our influences are irrelevant.


At this time, we do not wish for anyone to contact us. Should this change, we will provide an email address.

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