The Dellinger Files

Dellinger Family home in Grady Co., Oklahoma.

Adam David & Mary Emma (KITTLEY) DELLINGER. Do you recognize anyone in this photo? If you do,

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Although I have not found connection to James Dellinger, the infamous bank robber, our own Dellinger brothers were trouble themselves. A gunfight in Dalhart, TX. on July 19, 1930, left the Sheriff and 2 Dellinger boys dead and a woman wounded. I have reprints of the originally newspaper accounts, spelling errors & all, of the tragic Saturday in Dalhart.
Dalhart Texan
Those of you, who are related might find this story interesting as many of the people involved are related. The shoot out takes place at the farm of John & Dolly Gunnels, my Great Aunt & Uncle. Lon & Orrell Dellinger, who died were my Great Uncles. B.L. Lewis informed the sheriff of the whereabouts of the Dellinger brothers, Lewis is my Great Grandfather. This tragic story is the outcome of the kidnapping of Adolf Esquibel, by brothers, Orrell and Bert Dellinger and Bill Cullender.
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