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JEEEE! We are gonna "keep it simple", no fancy graphics, no fancy backgrounds and no background music
just MUSIC you can download in wav format. If you enjoy the music please buy the artist CD's. If you don't want to read all this
just scroll down the page to the music.

What you will find here is wav files, full version songs in compressed mpeg 3  format (wav)
By avoiding graphics we can have more wav files for you to download. What I did was remove all the wav's from my
site because I was using so much band width and I couldn't afford it. I will be putting them on sites I have in existance that are free. I will link to other pages
on other servers for the various types of wav music, spreading out the band width used and maybe that will work.

For those of you who visited this site for the graphics, sorry. They are gone but enjoy the wav files, they are free too.

Please bear with me as I build these pages. I do not want to have to remove music from a site again. Its far too much work. I will do this a step at a time.

Subscribe:  Means music sent daily of all the music that was requested
You must keep your mail box cleaned out to receive the music. If I get it returned a couple times I quit sending it

Request: There is a song you want and can't find. Ask and you shall receive
Once again, don't request a song, expect to get it in 30 minutes only for me to have it returned because you gave me a bad
email address or your mail box is full. After you get your song its nice if I hear from you so I know it in fact did get to you.
I spend a lot lotta time on this endeavor and do not make money doing it. My reward is knowing that you got it ok and that it was what you wanted.

Help: How to compress wavs, how to add music to web pages, how to use real audio, software, etc

Services Offered By TheLadyRebel

I'll make you a cd for $5.00 bucks. That will cover the cost of the cd, packaging and postage. You pick 17 songs, send the list with the $5.00. List the songs in the order you want them on the CD with your least favorite on bottom in case one will not fit.
Norma Hamby - PO Box 1206 - Frankston, Texas 75763

I will make CD's for Funerals and other Special events also. If You have a really good reason I will email you a MP3. ONE-only one and only 1 time per user. All other music is sent in compressed wav format.

If you send me a request list with more than 3 songs they will be sent over a period of time. I don't have time to do my subscribers and long list of music that may not be mail list appropriate.

I can trim music for you, TRY to make you an instrumental out of a vocal mp3 - but for this you make a donation, what ever amount you choose.  (removing vocals can be done but not always with a lot of success) . It takes time cd's and software. I'm old and I'm poor and I have little time to give away for involved tasks.
If anyone would like to make a donation to help with server cost for this web site please send it to Norma Hamby - PO Box 1206 - Frankston, Tx 75763.

The following links are alphabetical listings of all the music listed on this web site. The wav files are alphabetical by artist first name. The "THE" link are groups where the name starts with the word "The" but you may also find them under their group name without the as in "The Eagles" or "Eagles"  Under the alphabetical listing of wav (compressed mp3) music is a list of wavs that are in a class of their own. Such as "Childrens", "Southern/Civil War", "50's-60's etc. There may be 50 and 60's wavs that are not on that page. I gave up the task of sorting them out.

There will be two columns on each page. The left column is the wav files, the right mp3's. I email all music in wav format but you can request the mp3's which will be compressed to mpeg 3 format and sent to you. The reason the mp3's are listed as well as the ways is because I have many wavs that I don't have the mp3 and many mp3 files that I don't have compressed yet. So they may differ, greatly in some cases.

Because this site was about Southern Heritage the wavs you find here will all be about the Civil War or the Southern States.

They Start Below....Are you Ready for some WAVS?

Not all the files will be linked to music but the ones that are not you can request  via Email

 1st Brigade Band_Jenny Lind Polka.wav
 Alabama - Christmas in Dixie.wav
Alabama - Dixieland Delight.wav
 Alabama - If It Ain't Dixie It Won't Do.wav
 Alabama - Song Of The South.wav
 Alabama - Southern Star.wav
 Alabama - When It All Goes South.wav
 AlabamaRain_Jim Croce.wav
 Andrew MontgomeryIII_Dixie Land.wav
 Andy Griffith - North Carolina, My Home State.wav
Bellamy Brothers  You Ain't Just Whistlin' Dixie.wav
 Beulah Land.wav
Black Oak Arkansas - Dixie.wav
Bobby Horton - The Why And Wherefore.wav
 Bobby Horton - USA - The Army of the Free.wav
Bobby Horton-A Life on a Vicksburg .wav 
 Bobby Horton_Aura Lee.wav
 Bobby Horton_Drummer of Shiloh.wav
 Bobby Horton_For Bales.wav
 Bobby Horton_Garry Owen.wav
 Bobby Horton_Homespun Dress.wav
 Bobby Horton_Roll Alabama Roll.wav
 Bobby Horton_Rose of Alabama 1.wav
 Bobby Horton_Take Your Gun and Go  John.wav
 Bobby Horton_The Army Bean.wav
 Bobby Horton_The Battle of Shiloh Hill.wav
 Bobby Horton_The Captain with his whiskers.wav
 Bobby Horton_The Cross of the South.wav
 Bobby Horton_The Girl I Left Behind Me.wav
 Bobby Horton_The North Carolina War Song.wav
 Bobby Horton_The Reluctant Conscirpt.wav
 Bobby Horton_The Young Volunteer.wav
 Bobby Horton_Virginia Marseillaise.wav
 Bobby Horton_When Upon The Field Of Glory.wav
 Bobby Horton-Battle Cry Of Freedom.wav
 Bobby Horton-Dixie Land of King Cotton.wav
 Bobby Horton-Do They Miss Me At Home.wav
 Bobby Horton-Evelina.wav
 Bobby Horton-General Forrest.wav
 bobby Horton-God Save the Southern Land.wav
 bobby Horton-Goober Peas.wav
 Bobby Horton-Virginias Bloody Soil.wav
 bobby_Horton-Jine The Cavalry.wav
 Bobby_Horton-Just Before The Battle Mother.wav
 Bobby_Horton-Kennesaw Line.wav
 Bobby_Horton-Kentucky Battle Song.wav
 bobby_Horton-Mister Heres Your Mule.wav
 Bobby_Horton-Root Hog, Or Die.wav
 Bobby_Horton-Stonewall Jackson's Way.wav
 Bobby_Horton-Strike for the South.wav
 Bobby_Horton-The Infantry.wav
 Bobby_Horton-The March of the Southern Men.wav
 Bobby_Horton-The Soldier's Suit of Gray.wav
 bobby_Horton-The South Shall Rise Up Free.wav
 bobby_horton-The Yellow Rose of Texas.wav
 Bobby_Horton-Twas the Siege of Vicksburg.wav
 Bobby_Horton-We Conquer Or Die.wav
 Bobby_Horton-Wearing of the Gray.wav
 BobbyHorton_Melt The Bells.wav
 BobbyHorton_The Yellow Rose Of Texas.wav
Boxcar Willy - Dixie.wav
 Broadway_Allstars-By The Sword  We're The Sons of Dixie.wav
 Brownside _Can't Stop The Southland .wav
 Buddy Emmons_Sunday In Dixie.wav
Carlene Carter - My Dixie Darlin'.wav
 Charlie Daniels - The Devil Went Down To Geogia.wav
Charlie Daniels - The South's Gonna Do It.wav
 Charlie Pride - Mississippi Cotton Picking Delta Town.wav
 Charlie Pride - Roll On Mississippi.WAV
 Claude_TheHoppers-If You Don't Like The Rebel Flag.wav
 Confederate Railroad-I Am Just A Rebel.wav
Confederate Railroad-Summer In Dixie.wav
 Confederate_Railroad-Summer In Dixie.mp3
Connie Frances_Tennessee_Waltz.wav
Country Gentlemen - The Legend of the Rebel Soldier.wav
  CSA Taps_USMC.wav
Dave Matthews Band_Crash Into Me Dixie Chicken.wav
 David Allen Coe - Son Of The South.wav
 Dixie(From the CIVILWARMovie).wav
 Dixie's Land.mid
 Dwight Yoakom-I_Sang_Dixie.wav
 Dwight Yoakum - Dixie.wav
 Earth Rise-tramp_tramp_tramp.wav
 Earth Rise-weeping_sad_and_lonely.wav
Eddy_Arnold_Kentucky Waltz.wav
 Edwin Starr - War.wav
Elvis Presley - Kentucky Rain.wav
 Elvis Presley_Dixie.wav
 Elvis Presley_Yellow Rose of Texas.wav
 Everybody's Dixie.wav
 Flatt-Scruggs-Dear Old Dixie.wav
 Gary_US_Bonds-Mississippi Queen.wav
 Gen Lees farewell Order to the Army of Northern Va.wav
General Lees Grand march_Instrumental.wav
 Good Ole Rebel.wav

Hank Williams Jr - If the South Would Have Won.wav
 Hank Williams Jr - New South.wav
 Hank Williams Jr-Dixie On My Mind.wav
 Hank Williams Jr-IfHeavenAint a Lot Like Dixie.wav
 Harold Morton_Dixie.wav
 Inst. Violin-Ashoken'sFarewell.wav
 Jacqueline_Schwab-Marching Through Georgia.wav
Jason McCoy - Born Again In Dixie Land.wav
 Jeff Daniels-Abe Gettysburg Address.wav
 Jerky Boys_Civil War Cannon.wav
 Jerry Ernst_dixies_land.wav
 Jerry Garcia  David Grisman - The Sweet Sunny South.wav
 Jerry_Clower-Southern Humor.wav
 Joan Baez-The Night They Drove Ole Dixie Down.wav
 John_Denver-Almost Heaven, West Virginia.wav
 Johnny Cash - The Night They Drove Old Dixie Down.wav
 Johnny Freedom_Johnny Horton.wav
Johnny Horton - The Mansion You Stole.wav
 Johnny Horton_Dixie_guitar .wav
 Johnny Horton-When Johnny Comes Marching Home Again.wav
 Johnny is Gone for a Soldier_Bobby Hortton.wav
 Johnny Meijer & the dutch swing college band_Dixie.mp3.wav
 Johnny_Horton-Young Abe Lincoln.wav
 Johnny_Rebel-Stay Away From Dixie.wav
 Johnny_Rebel-When jonny comes marching home.wav
 Johnny-Rebel-The South Shall Rise Again.wav
 Judy Garland - Rock-a-Bye Your Baby With A Dixie Melody.wav
 Khaetidawne Quirk_Dixie and the Whale.wav
 Khaetidawne Quirk_grey_or_blue.wav
 Lee Greenwood-Dixie.wav
 Lewis_Grizzard-The Last Confederate Soldier.wav
 Limelighters-One Wore Blue One Wore Gray.wav
 Louis Armstrong - When It's Sleepy Time Down South.wav
Lyle Lovett - Blues For Dixie.wav
 Lynard Skynard _Sweet Home Alabama.wav
 Lynyrd Skynyrd_The Last Rebel.wav
 Maryland, My Maryland.wav
 Molly Hatchet_Angel In Dixie.wav
 Mormon Tabernacle Choir-Dixie.wav
 Movie Civil War_Dixie.wav
 Movie Theme - James Horner - Gettysburg - 12 - Dixie.wav
 Music Of The Civil War - I Wish I Was in Dixie Land (Pre-war Original Version).wav
 Neil Young - Southern Man(1).wav
Niel Young - Dixie.wav
 Outlaws - South Carolina.wav
 Pete Fountain - Dixie.wav
 Ray Stephens - dixie humbird.wav
 Ray Stevens_Minnie Pearl _Jerry Clower_Southern Air.wav
 Remembering_Slavery.wav (Unknown)
 Reno & Smiley-Virginia_s heritage.wav
 Schmitt Brothers_Great Smokey Mountains In  Dixie.wav
 Soldier's Joy.wav
 Steve Earle-Dixieland.wav
Tennesee Ernie Ford - Dixie.wav
 Tennesee Ernie Ford - While we were marching thru Georgia.wav
 Tennessee Waltz_Pride Southland.wav
 The Band - The Night They Drove Old Dixie Down.wav
 The Conquered Banner.wav
 The Rebelaires - A Georgia Volunteer.wav
 The Rebelaires - Bonnie Blue Flag.wav
 The Rebelaires - Dixie(1).wav
 The Rebelaires - Dixie.wav
 The Rebelaires - For The Cause.wav
 The Rebelaires - Georgia Belle.wav
 The Rebelaires - Gone But Not Forgotten(1).wav
 The Rebelaires - Grandfather's Clock.wav
 The Rebelaires - Long Ago.wav
 The Rebelaires - Lord I Hope I'm Not Dying in Vain.wav
 The Rebelaires - Ragged Rebel Blues.wav
 The Rebelaires - Rose of Alabama.wav
 The Rebelaires - Take A Look Back.wav
 The Rebelaires - Tenting Tonight.wav
The Rebelaires - The Sons of Confederate Veterans.wav
 The Rebelaires - The Sword of Robert E. Lee.wav
 The Rebelaires - When The Georgia Boys Went Marching.wav
The War Between The States.wav
 Tom_Lehrer-I Want to Go Back to Dixie.wav
Travis_Tritt-The Day The Sun Stood Still.wav
Vince Gill _South Side Of Dixie.wav
  Vonda Shepard - Maryland.wav
 Wayne Mills Band-Crossin Dixie.wav
White Mansions_Quantrill's Guerillas.wav
 White Mansions_Southern Boy.wav
 White Mansions_The Southland is bleeding1.wav
 White Mansions_Union Mare_Confederate Grey.wav
 White Mansions-Dixie Now You're Done.wav
 White mansions-Praise The Lord.wav
 WhiteMansions_The Twelve Pounders .wav

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