Lots of people have problems staying on their servers and most times, its simply cause they don't do a proper maintaince of their browser and/or cache files.

I have outlined some steps to take to keep you better connected! Follow these steps and you will find less disconnections or boots of the web.

1- Clear all files in C:Windows/ temp folder(not Temporary Internet folder;don't confuse the two) do this, go into Temp folder/on the top toolbar, click Edit/Select All(all files are now highlited)/ then over to File( just to the left of Edit on the toolbar)/ click delete. This is a tempoary folder and don't be afraid of the names of the files that are in there. You will lose nothing by deleteing all here. This folder comes into play when you open execs, certain websites, etc. and they need a place to play for you when you are watching it at that moment.

2- In Internet Explorer, click View/ Internet Options/ Delete Files/ click OK(do not put a check mark in Delete All Subscription Contents... you will lose your cookies that way). Next click Clear History. All other browsers like Netscape have a Cache folder that you will have to find to delete.

3- When entering the Zone make sure that the files load fully before going into a game site and that the game site loads fully before entering into a room. You will see this at the bottom of your screen counting down the files in both cases.

4- If you have any news alerts that popup on your screen or other open windows, you might want to disable these also.

5- If you find it difficult to get into a room, try refreshing the page(dont forget to let the files load) and try again.

If after all these steps, you find you are still disconnecting frequently then you should do a Scan Disc and Disc Defraggmenter to clear up any errors in your folders.

In Windows 98 you can check for corrupt files by clicking Start/ Programs/ Accessories/ System Tools/ System Information/ Tools/ System File Checker/ Start. Any files that are found to be corrupt can be restored by a popup that will ask if you want to restore it.

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