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New at the Network:
Grab this new Download Tool. It links directly to the folders listed on All my Files are stored there. Now all you need is the folder number and Shared Folder Password to download all your favorite files. Speeds up Downloads too!

  Download   195 kb

Plans for the Network:
Im adding new files and fixing the old links. I dont have much time to come back and look so if you see something not working, drop me an email. I have all these files on disk and will re-upload as needed.

I also will add some new web applications I have collected over the past few months.

Im in the process of uploading all the files listed now. Between work and other activities, I get em up when I can.

Ill be adding Office 2000 Premium and Visual Studio Enterprise. Let me know if you want FrontPage or Visual Basic loaded seperatly. Ill split the file and get em up.



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