Please note: These rules are not intended to mirror any one particular version of Tic Tac Dough that aired.  These rules have been established by the NNTTD staff.  Thanks to Don Smith, from whom I have borrowed portions of these rules from the previous run of 'Net Tic Tac Dough.
Part I - Main Game:

These rules basically follow the format of the show as it aired 1979-1986.  Contestants must form tic tac toe by answering questions in various subjects.  Each question answered correctly adds CY$300 to the pot, with the exception of the center box which is worth CY$500.  Contestants will have 48 hours to respond once they have been sent a question.  If a contestant responds within 24 hours and is correct, an extra CY$100 will be added to the pot. The center box question requires two answers.  The two contestants are designated X and O, with X moving first.  The champion from the previous show will be X and go first.  For the first show, a random selection method will be used.

In the event of a tie at the end of the game, another game will be played with nine new categories, carrying over the pot from the first game.  Ties will be continued to be broken by playing additional games until one contestant wins.  The losing contestant of a game that tied at least once will receive CY$1000 for causing the tie..

Part II - Bonus Game:

The bonus round is played exactly as it was during the show's run from 1979-1986.  Various amounts of money, a TIC, a TAC, and a dragon will be shuffled on the board.  She will then be replaced by the numbers 1 through 9.  The contestant will be presented with a prize package.  If the contestant can accumulate CY$1000 or find TIC and TAC before finding the dragon, she will win the prize package.  The contestant can also choose to stop at any time and keep the money accumulated up to that point.  Once the bonus round is completed, the contestant will return to face a new challenger.  A champion who defeats three opponents will be retired and given an additional CY$10,000 and the opportunity to return to play in the 'New Net Tic Tac Dough Tournament of Champions at the end of the season.

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Furthermore, please note:  No real money is won playing this game!  The game is for fun only.  Also, this game in no way challenges the ownership of Barry & Enright Productions or Sony Tristar Pictures.  Thanks!
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