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  A memory
  is a photograph
  taken by the heart
  To make
  a special moment
  last forever...
  And of all the memory-pictures
  that happy times
  have brought,
  My favorites
  are the ones
  we've made together.
  You're the one
  who always understands
  and cares...
  my lifer-upper
  and encourager
  when I'm feeling down...
  my biggest fan
  when things
  are going great.
  You're my love
  and my lover,
  so vital a part of life
  that I feel empty
  when we're apart,
  filled when we're together.
Journey with me now into the past... Dream with me now into the future.
Fly with me now into the deepest well of your soul...
Sit back and capture the beauty of innocent love and joy.
Grow with me now...into a child.
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