Today Is
Nett & Harold
Plus The Rest Of Our Gang

This Polka is Dedicated to My Husband of 54 Years

HEAR The Music

Nett Is Polish & Taught Him to Polka Harold Is Irish & Taught Her to Jitterbug
We've Been Polka Bugging Ever Since

Music Courtesy of Tom Brusky of Polkasound Productions

Harold Jeannette
Nett & Harold 1993

Our hobbies are: Gardening (especially roses), playing Pinochle, "Sequence", or "Six Cubes" , & occasionally driving to Lake Tahoe. The Sequence Game can take over your life and Harold says that no one should ever keep a loaded gun in the house when playing this game regularly. You can see that we don't take this game seriously! :)Canasta has now taken over our lives during 2003 replacing Sequence but we're not worried about shooting each other anymore. Now it could be the cause of DIVORCE. Just kidding! WHOOPS! Gotta update this info as CANASTA has now been replaced by HAND & FOOT, which we learned this summer of 2006 from my nephew Russ and his wife Pat. They finally got out to visit us after only 44 years and taught us this addicting game which is similar to Canasta.

One of our favorite places to visit is Sausalito on San Francisco Bay.

Nett's favorite vacation spot is Yellowstone and staying at the Beautiful Old Faithful Inn. Also love to visit Jim in Utah where he lives just below the Wasatch Mountains in Salt Lake City.

We have 7 grandchildren; Kelly, Sarah, & Emily , Brian and Mark , Rian, and Tamara, who's the Special Gal that lives with us and keeps us young at heart.

The Evolution of Our Family Begins

This Page is Dedicated to the many Ancestors that Preceded Us,
especially to My Parents, Steve and Lottie Filla

Created May 14, 1997
December 4, 2006
by Jeannette

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