Training Method #1

How to Train
:To train go in the AOL Chat room and Roleplay with yourself or sparr

Chat Room:The chat room has to be named after the sever your navi is in and Train at the end Example:ACDCTrain

P.E.T: You can train in your P.E.T safe from viruses  but you get 3 exp every 5 min.

Random Viruses Battles
: These occur every hour im watching the chat room.I will do a series a rolls to see who battles the virus,the level of the virus and which virus you face.You get 50 exp for winning a Virus battle once you do a virus battle that day it won`t happen again

Gainage: You gain 1 exp each minute you train.

How to Sparr
: Same a training cept your doing it with somone

Sparring Gainage: When sparring you get 5 exp up to 4 people can sparr at the same time

Sparr Battle :A sparr battle is the same a battle cept it dosent count to your daily battles,you can`t be deleted or do you need to reboot,you dont gain the normal battle prize.Both people who battle get 600  exp you can do this once a week.

Training Method #2

Roleplaying: When training like you post it on your training board as a reply i must be about you training or adventuring.

Gainage :When doing this you get exp depending on how i grade it you can get 0-1,000 exp

How many times:You can do this kind of training 2 times a day.If your rank is high you may get a boost in the exp you gain

Bonus:You can get a + Exp bonus of  1,000-2,000 if I really like it.


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