The Setting
The story is set is earth and the internet. The Internet is advanced in many ranges Navis and virus roam with humanoid emotions and functions. A world of wonders.

The People
The people of the planet are like any other race. They are lead on by a leader and follow the crowd like a heard of sheep follwoing a shepard. However there are people who stand out and think above the average minded people.

The Past
The past is filled with many wonders. 153 years ago there was a group of people who saved the world and the internet time after time. However in the end sacrifices were made too protect the world. However what really happened too some data is just somewhere deep in the system. No one really knows the past.

The New Navis
The new navis are more so reborn versions of old navis. When navis die of natural data lost they get a phoonix effect and beomce reborn. This explains why you still see Megaman, Roll ect. However these new modles never have the memory of the older version. They are pass through the generations even switching families.

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