- - Virus Breeder - -

The virus breeder allows you to catch viruses and raise them to help you in battle to catch a virus you need to by a virus capsule for 5,000$ you can catch up to 3 viruses.
To catch them kill them in battleand say you want to catch it roll a 8 or higher you caught it staff must be there to witnes the roll.Once its in the capsule bring it here to Sci-Lab.It will be fully mature after 1 day,once its mature it will live in your P.E.T you have to feed it once a week and remember you can only have 1 virus.Also the virus dose x2 its normal damage once you get and it it can onl attack once.

Note:If you don`t feed it,it will die
                     - - Virus Food- -

Lvl.1 Virusfood-300$

Lvl.2 Virusfood-400$

Lvl.3 Virusfood-800$

Lvl.4 Virusfood-1,800$

Lvl.5 Virusfood-2,200$

Lvl.6 Virusfood-3,000$

                       - -  Virus Breeding - -
Knows someone who  has a virus thats mature?
Well if you have a mature virus and someone whos your friend has one bring them here to Sci-Lab and they will
"mate" in the virus way and produce some twins,you have to make up the name.

                         -  -  Navi Chip - -
To make a navi chip come to Sci-Lab and leave your navi here for 3 days.Our scientist will make a chip named after you navi this cost 5,000$ and you can do it as many times as you want the damage is equal to  25% of your HP.Also the navi chips  are good for fighting.
Hello I`m the Gambler.Talk too me (the owner) and we can gamble.The rules are simple you bet
a amount of money that you have and then call a number from 2-12 if you get it you win double the money back.
But wait theres another game You bet 1,000 dollars and say Hi or Low 2-6 is low 7-12 is high if you call it right you get your money back + 500.
You can only gamble 3 times a week
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