Requirments for Joining
You need a positive karma
You MUST be at level 10 or higher
1.Beat a 4 on  1 battle against 5 level 1 viruses at one time

2.Do a special training which gives you 5000 exp. Takes 4 days you can`t do anything in those 4 days

3.Do a 5 day quest , you cannot train or battle while doing this , while doing this on the last day you will fight a boss that I made up named Clone Man , he can turn into anyone and take their attack and stats.He has his on chips.

After beating him you get 5000 exp. and a chip that does 150 damage , you make up a name for it relating it to your navi's orignal weapon.

If you lose you can do that 5 day quest again until you win....

Leader:Dr. Hikari III


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