Level: Everytime you go up a lvl you gain 5 Hp,2Attack pwr and 10 too all other stats

HP: This is your health or hit points

Rapid: Rapid is how many times you can attack in one turn for every 100% of rapid you can attack that turn

Power: For every 10 power your basic attack dose 10 more damage

Speed: Determins how fast you are also you gain 1 dodge for each 500 speed.

Zenny: This is cash

Bug Frags: These are your bug frags

Location: To go somewhere you must Jack in.


Jack In: To get on the internet you must jack in. You NEVER have to wait for me to update if you jack in or out its automatic just make sure you keep a log in a SINGLE post of doing it. If you are not jacked in your battle or training will be inavalid.

Jack Out: To get off the internet just jack out of it in the SAME log you use for jacking in. You don`t have to jack out but if you don`t random viruses(me) can attack you at anytime. You can also request a random virus attack.


Your rank will determine how good you are in battle and how much you get for winning.
Everyone starts at Rank D the highest is S.

1. You get +100$ Zenny and +50 exp for each Rank you go up

2. When a lower rank beats a person ranked 2 or more above they get +500$ and +100 exp

3. Everyone in rank S gets +1,000$ and +200exp

Battle Terms

Field:The field consist of 18 pannels 9 red and 9 blue...although that can change

Field Change:This happens when you use a chip to change the field any broken or cracked panels come back new

:The space you are on

Crack:The pannel cracks and if you pass over it it will break

Break:The panel leaves the battle field for 2 turns then returns as a new pannel

Chips:A program you are useing to fight


A folder consist of 30 chips you can only have up to 5 mega chips in a folder and 1 Giga chip

Basic Chips: These are regular chips after you attack with them you have to wait 1 turn before useing another Basic Chip

Mega Chips: These are better than basic chips once you attack with them you have to wait 2 turns until you can attack with another Mega chip

Giga Chips: These will come into the rpg later but they are the strongest chips and once you attack with them you have to wait 5 turns to use another chip

Navi Chips
: Navi Chips are based on your navi more info at the Sci-Lab,You have to wait 4 turns to use andother chip.

Heal Chips
: You can use these chips without rolling


If you weakness is that type of attack or chip you take double the damage soon there will be items and chips to prevent this from happening.

Aqua is weak to Electric

Electric is weak to Wood

Wood is weak to Heat

Heat is weak to Aqua

Field Effects

Each field effect dose something different if your element is that field most likely it will favor for you
When you use a field chip it changs the field normal so if a panel was broken it would return normal as the field chip you used also if a field is on  and someone dose a attack that breaks or crack it gose back to normal.Also if theres a field already on the field and you use a field chip your field overwrites theres

Lava: On this field everytime you step on a lava panel you take 10 damage if your element is wood you take 50 damage,the panel dissapears after its steped on.If your element is Heat you can walk on these panels freely.

Ice: On this field you would slide to the farther end of it when you move so if you were on A1 and you move to B1 you would end up on C1 and if you move down to C2 you would end up on C3.If you element is Aqua you can walk on this freely.

Grass: On this field nothing effects you unless your a wood element.If you wood element you will heal 10 each turn.

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