How To Battle
Attacking: To attack simply type ::Shoots (Your chip or weapon) at (opponet(S)):: Dmg:(The Damage).Of course this will change depending on your chip and navi.

RolePlaying: You have to role play in the chats which means constant roleplay in battle

Hit or Miss: To hit type //roll 6 or higher hit When your opponet misses you move to another square next too you.

How to hit:Depending on the chip if its long range you can be on A1 and you opponet can be on F1 and you can still hit.If its Melee you will probly have to be on the front line C or D to hit but some melee chips are ranged.

Movement:You can only move on a square every other turn.You have to move before you attack so if you attack before you move it won`t be a legal move.Remember you can only move to a square beside you and only on YOUR squares.

Starting:You can start on any space on the field

Taking Turns:The person with the highest speed gose first.

Evading: You have 1 dodge to start with when you dodge you move to a square beside you

Countering: You have one counter,to counter simply type counter before they roll when countering you do a attack  with your basic weapon you have to roll.You can`t counter a counter and when you counter the time you have to wait for the chip again is increased by 1 turn.Finally when you sucessfully counter you get 10 bug frags.You can`t counter heal chips.

Winning/Loseing Field Battles: When you win you gain 800 exp., 1,000 zenny and 1 bug frag when you lose you gain 400 exp. and 500 zenny.

Opponets: A battle can hold up to 6 people handicap or regular it dosen`t matter.The winner(S) get x1 more winnings for each other person in battle.

Chips: To Use chips simply say your useing them make sure you read information.Also you can only use that chip once.

Deleteing :You can choose to delete a oposing navi.Depending on the karma of who your killing determines how you karma is effected.

Passing: Don`t wanna take your turn? Well pass

Time: You have 5 min to attack

Missing: If you miss a attack and you use a chip the chip is still used also if youuse a attack or chip and your opponet is on a different line which results in you making a mistake of attacking that counts as your attack

Do overs
: Do overs are not allowed once you do a attack its done

Posting Right: The winner post you have too take out all the oocs and take off smileys

Killing Limit
:You can destroy up too 2 navis a week.

Killing Blow: Things that do auto damage cannot be used for killing blows.
Also Counter cannot be used too win either.

Criticals: If you roll 12 in a dice combination it dose double damage

Loseing a turn: If you roll two ones you lose a turn

Reward notice: At the end of the battle post add any rewards won in the battle there and the Hp you both have left

Combo Moves:If the chips are the same name once per battle you can combine the two and make a attack with both the damaged added up.Thius can not be used as the final attack which means your combo can`t be higher than the enemys HP.That dose not apply too virus battles.ALSO ONLY FOR GRID BATTLES

Betting:You can bet chips and money in battles.

Full Schychro:To become Full Schychro you need to hit 4 times in a row.Once in this mode your attack dose +100.It last for 1 turn.

You can battle 2 times a day if you won the first battle if not then only once a day.Random Virus battles do not count.
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