Welcome to my Awards Page.
I would Like to Thank Everyone Listed
Below For their Generous, Beautiful Awards that
they Felt my pages Deserving of.
I'm very proud to have received them! Thank You!
Be sure to check their sites out by Clicking on the
individual awards.

This award was received by Linnie who
came upon my site while surfing.  Thank you Linnie for this unexpected surprise.  If you have a site with a Valentine theme you may join her webring. to join
click here

January 26, 2002


These are very special to me,
They belong to a wonderful
lady that runs a dynamite
friends club that I recently
If you have Holiday pages and
want to meet some great people.
Click on the images above and come check out the Holiday Hotel.
Thank You Donna for ALL the HARD work that makes this club ever so special!

These Awards were received by the


This award was received by Karen 
on November 6,2000
Thank You Karen.

This Award was received by Nikki
on July 10, 2000
Thank You Nikki.



This award was received by Tamara 
on July 26, 2000
Thank You Tamara.

This award was received by
American Yank's
on October 10, 2000
Thank You Mary

I won this playing a cute little game at a
hotels members page. Thank You Wendy
for making me go blind! j/k Wendy is
a sweety stop by her site.

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