Kathy  here is my Valentine's Card to you.
It may not be much but I made it just for you
with my gimp shoulder and all.

You are the Best  a mother could
ask for, I thank you for being a daughter that every mother dreams of having..

I found a few poems that sum up how I feel..

 My friend,
 my daughter,
 through good times and bad.
 My friend,
 my buddy,
 through happy and sad.
 Beside me you stand,
 beside me you walk.
 You're there to listen,
 you're there to talk.
 With happiness,
 with smiles,
 with pain and with tears,
 I know you'll be there, 
 throughout the years!
   (author unknown)

Today... my heart thought 
  that maybe yours could use 
  a special pick-me-up... 
  Just something to brighten 
    the hours ahead... 
                     a smile 
                     a hug 
    A warm reminder of all 
     that you mean to me. 

 So I've packaged up the happiness 
  that comes into my day each time 
  you're in my thoughts, 
 And I'm hoping you see the sunshine 
  that is brought into my world 
    when I'm remembering you. 
  If this works the way my heart 
     is hoping that it will, 
  Your heart will be lifted to 
     that special place where 
 Smiles and hugs and warm reminders 
     make all the difference 
      in the day ahead... 

 I hope you can see how much 
 you mean to me! - Barbara J. Hall

           is for Kindness a trait that will take you places. 
                    is for Artistic which you have a knack for.
                        is for Talents for which you have many
                                 is for Heart which yours is HUGE.
                  is for Extra Special which you are to so many
        is for Refulgent , what a beauty you have become 
       is for the wonderful Individual you have become
is for Nest Egg which you shall soon from all your hard work 
             is for Extraordinary person you have become


Created February 2001

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