Object of Game

Make as many complete sentences as
you can using the 100 "hearts" below.

Game Rules

1. Below are 100 hearts each with their
own romantic sayings for you to use.

2. Make as many complete sentences as you
can using only the given heart sayings. 

3. You may NOT add any words that are
not on the hearts to complete
your sentences.

4. If the heart contains multiple words,
both words must be used together
and can not be seperated.

5. You may use the Hearts below, with the
sayings more then once or in
multiple sentences. 

6. For an added Twist I have placed 10
blank hearts on the page. These hearts
are your Freebies. Each one may only
be used once and can only be used
for a single word.

Example: (blank-Hey), hot one let it be. *grin*

Hey being one of the FREE HEARTS used
to complete the sentence. 
Leaving me 9 more to use to make other

7. Deadline for Emailing your answers 
will be February 10,2002.

8. When you have as many as you
can come up with, email me your
answers for a chance to win the
#1 award or a runner-up award 
displayed below.

9. For all those that participate take
the particpant award from bottom of page.

OK ready for the Fun!!



     Winner & Runner-up Awards will
     look like this...


      Particapants Take the one Below:

EMAIL Me with your answers
and the name you would like
placed on awards if you win!!

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