the Lonely Snowman

There was once a Snowman that lived in a  on top of a mountain.
One day,  snowman stood outside his cabin and watched as people

on skis passed by.

The  snowman thought to himself, no one ever notices me, this made him sad :(.

Then he thought for a second and went inside his  cabin. He came out wearing a

bright red coat and hat. People still kept skiing by.  They still

don't notice me , thought the snowman.

bird noticed snowman.  Thebird perched on the hat and

asked the snowman, "Why are you standing here in your new  red coat and
hat?  You can't have fun that way."   "You're right," answered the .

The Snowman went inside his cabin.  He came out with a plate of

gingerbread cookies, candy canes,  ornaments and a BIG .

"Look"! cried a  "What is that silly snowman doing".  All thepeople

went over to see what he was up too.  The people asked if they could help him

decorate his tree.   " Oh," sighed the snowman.  "I thought you would

never ask." After they finished they all enjoyed some  gingerbread cookies.

The girl and boy wanted to take him home but mother explained

he would melt.  They all promised to visit him next year.

(written by Nettie December 2000)
some images from Kids Domain Icon Mania

Below are a Couple of Puzzles you can printout and solve.

This puzzle is reproduced from an Old Childrens Magazine if you know the
source please let me know so I can give it proper credit. Thanks.

Find the words in the puzzle below. They may
be written up, down, foward backwards or diagonal.

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