A heartfelt thanks to all those that felt this site worthy of these
wonderful awards and gifts.

May your Holiday be Joyous and bring
delight to you and your loved ones.

Be sure to click on the awards below
to visit some of their fine sites.

Thank You Judy for this LOVELY award.  Judy's Site is
WONDERFUL I just love her choice of graphics. Be sure to stop by her site.
She also has many different Holiday awards you can apply for.
Received December 2000

Thank You Paige for this LOVELY award.  If you are looking
for more Holiday sites be sure to check this site out.
Received December 2000

This is a Present from a Dear Friend Teresa. Be sure to stop by
her Christmas site and wish her a Merry Christmas. Thank You
Teresa for this lovely ornament
Received December 2000


Believe me if they were not easy to win I would not win at ALL.

Day 1 - How many 3 letter or more Words can you make out of Merry Christmas?
BEAT 273
Day 3 - Find the sites within the club that had specific holiday items on them.

Day 4- Notice I didn't WIN!! Draw a icon with this program that wouldn't do what I told it too,
so much for ART 101

Day 5-  Unscramble the following Christmas words.

 akritefcu  mfyail gsskoictn deeggbrrina  llhoy  kfsoweanl mehtbeelh
 tiiopnstea ctooeardsni wnmsiee deeenirr tteeslmio enrtsspe  dhirecln
 hwatre  alrco tcirh  nmnosew  aatsn  ldaecn Easy HUH

Day 6- Unscramble a Puzzle, I won this only because they didn't count key clicks *grin*

Day 7- Solve riddles


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