A heartfelt thanks to all those that felt this site worthy of these
wonderful awards and gifts.

May your Holiday be Joyous and bring
delight to you and your loved ones.

Be sure to click on the awards below
to visit some of their fine sites.

This Award was given to me by Holiday Hotel. A GREAT club with
many TALENTED members all of which have some wonderful holiday pages.
Thank You Donna & Renee for making the Hotel special.
Received December 2000.

I picked this little goodie up while romping around the Hotel, I
have linked it directly to the Christmas Site.  Check out the lovely
pages that Donna & Renee decorated the Hotel with.
December 2000

Thank You John and Suzanne.  Suzanne has some WONDERFUL
holiday graphics if you are looking to make a web page you MUST see
her site.
Received December 2000.

Thank You Keith, Danielle, Bo, Chandler,Kathryn & Mom of course.
This is ONE TALENTED family. A VERY creative family. Stop by their site and
take a peek.
Received December 2000.

Thank you Gayla. Gayla 's site is similar to mine  with loads to see.
a TERRIFIC place to spend an afternoon!
Received December 2000.

Thank You Crew's Nest for this LOVELY award. Their site
has many holiday pages and web set graphics & globes available for a link.
Received December 2000.

Thank You Marian for this lovely gift. Marian has put together a LOVELY site
be sure to check it out, you will not be sorry.
Received December 2000


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