Shoulder Pad Angel

Simple. Just trim a fabric-covered shoulder pad with lace and or ribbon
to make this heavenly ornament for your Christmas tree.
Great craft to use up all those unwanted shoulder pads on, I knew
there had to be a purpose for them! *grin*

1 1/2" styrofoam ball
Acrylic Paints: flesh, light pink, black
Fine-tip permanent black marker
Curly Hair
Sobol glue or craft glue
8" star of garland
Shoulder Pad covered with red print fabric
18" (1 1/4" wide) white lace
8" (1/4" wide) satin ribbon
24" (1 1/2" wide) iridescent ribbon 

1. To make head, insert 1/3 of toothpick into Styrofoam ball for neck. 
Cover ball completely with a thick coast of flesh colored paint .
Let dry. Once dried paint checks light pink and eyes with black.
Let dry.  Using the permanent marker, draw eyebrows, eyelashes,
mouth ; make dots for nose. Glue curly hair onto top of head.
For the halo form a 2" diameter loop in one end of star garland; glue
straight end into back of angel head.

2. For angels body, with rounded end of shoulder pad at bottom, fold top corners down and glue in place to make arms. Use straight pins to hold in place until dried.

3. From lace, cut (8") length and 2 (5") lengths.  Glue 8" piece along bottom edge.  Let dry. Beginning at center of body, glue 1 (5") length to right side of angel along bottom edge of each arm. Let dry. 

4. Using toothpick, poke a hole in center top edge of shoulder pad for head. 
To attach head, dip toothpick in glue and insert into shoulder pad through
hole. Let dry.

5. For hanger, fold satin ribbon in 1/2 and glue ends to back of
angel below head.  For wings, tie iridescent ribbon in a bow. 
Glue center of bow to back of angel, covering satin ribbon ends.

Special Note from Nettie: As any crafter knows things above are a basic
idea etc... you can use a old nylon to cover the head with to make it appear more real. Moss can be used for hair. Instead of iridescent ribbon attach a dolly crimped in the center, cover center with a
trailing piece of gold ribbon.

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