Jeanette Dennisson
I graduated from Georgia Tech with a bachelor's degree in Chemistry in 2001. I plan to go to graduate school and do muscle research in medical science and engineering

But first....

   I moved to Japan and live in 
     Got a job teaching English.
(GEOS Language Corporation)
       Quit my job.        
         Got a new job teaching English. (
           Quit my job.        
             Work privately teaching English.        
                Study for my GRE
                   Enter Chiba University as "Research Student"
                      Study for graduate school entrance exam.
                         Now, doing research at Chiba U. in muscle physiology


If you want any advice on going to Georgia Tech or living in Japan email me at:
[email protected]
I am the youngest of three children. I have one sister, Julie, and one brother, Joe. My parents, James and Janet, both live in Atlanta, Georgia where I grew up.        

Hey to all my friends in America and Japan!        
I play volleyball every weekend during the summer at Kemigawa beach.  Its awesome!  And indoor volleyball every weekend with AMIGOS

I enjoy all types of sports. My favorite sport is

When I was in college I also played Ultimate Frisbee, Flag Football, Crew, and  white water kayaking with ORGT.         

I also enjoy
officiating. I officiated basketball, volleyball, flag football, and softball for Georgia Tech Intramurals for four years.         

I officiated at the Intramural Basketball State Tournament at Georgia Tech in 2001.         

I was awarded "Supervisor of the Semester" for Tech Intramurals in Spring 2001.
Georgia Tech
GEOS Corporation
My Resume
Atlanta, GA
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