The Basket Page
Welcome to the basket page. We have a variety of baskets that you can request different recipes in. If you have a special order, we can do that, too. Here are the following jars and things you can get in your basket:
Texas Cornbread Mix          Ginger Spice Muffin Mix
Sand Art Brownies                          Hush Puppy Mix
Gingerbread Cookie Mix                Sugar Cookie Mix
Chocolate Cookie Mix                  Snickerdoodle Mix
Chocolate Chip Cookie Mix   Melva's Hobo Bread Mix
Crazy Cake Mix                        Amaretto Cocoa Mix
Hot Cocoa Mix                                Spiced Tea Mix
Instant Cappuccino Mix                  Flavored Coffees
                         Taco Seasoning Mix
Add a variety of mixes or some drink mixes. Most baskets come with 1 large jar and two small jars. Some come with coffee mugs, cookie cutters or flavored coffee.
Price:  $12.50/basket
If you want just the jars by themselves, they can also be purchased.
Prices:  $3.50 for large jars
            $2.50 for small jars
Journal Jars
This is a unique gift for the hard to buy person. These jars are filled with writing ideas for the journal writer. Just paste the question in the journal and begin writing.
Comes with or without the journal.
Prices:  $10.00 With Journal
            $5.00 without Journal
Email us for questions or requests!
Now Available!!!!  Jams and Jellies!!
Peach Jam          Strawberry Jam
Applebutter         Pearbutter
Prices:       $3.50 for a pint
                 $6.00 for a quart
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