Advanced Skills in Internet Use
Advanced Skills in Internet use

In this website you will find some ideas to assist you in becoming an Advanced Internet User.

What is this all about? When I started this unit the depth and breadth of information overwhelmed me. This website has been designed to assist you in maximising your learning of the internet.Researching the internet through this unit has taught me there is a lot more to it than I realised. Key to maximising your learning is the ability to resource information because the internet changes all the time. When I first started this unit the areas I found the hardest to pick up where the ones I had not been exposed to before. Maybe this was because computing is more easily learnt face to face, with hands on instruction. Anyway ...

...the good news is you don't need to be Einstein!

You just need to be methodical in your approach and learn how to resource information effectively. Funnily enough the internet is a wonderful source of information.

To get an outline of the unit Advanced Internet Usage go to Curtin

Some useful sites as an introduction/refresher to the Internet include:

OK. So Einstein was a pretty smart guy. His theory of relativity was world changing. I've heard, though, he was a slow starter too!

Bottom line, you don't need to be that smart. But, if you want to know more about Einstein go to Einstein home page If you want to read a series of tips and accumulated resources from a personal viewpoint on Advanced Internet usage go to My weblog For the top 15 tips on becoming an advanced internet user, go to Top 15


  • E-writing

    This module takes learning of the internet to go from simply navigating and communicating to creating via websites and weblogs. It is a very fun module! There is a multitude of sites on e-writing. Some great ones in addition to those supplied through the unit outline are:

    There are many web hosts available for free, conduct a search and see what you can find. One of these is Yahoo Geocities

  • Taking and organising

    This module considers better ways of taking and organizing information from the web than you may be aware of. A highlight is the search manager where you can use a mutltitude of search engines in one go. Useful sites to use in searching the internet are Wormhole to the internet or All the Web.

    Its important to be specific in using the more specfic words to describe what you are looking for.Sites like Google have an Advanced search which allows you to refine your search. Go to Google Advanced Search.

    If you can't think of the right words to search go to a web directory like Yahoo where information is presented in directories.

  • Info-communication concepts

    This module really brings everything together in a conceptual look at the internet. For a great site on current news in the computing world go to

    Learning Task