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Myspace Linkin Park
Blink 182
Sick Local Bands
A great 4 piece local band from Peoria,AZ and just kick ass they have cd's for just 5 dollars at the web site which comes with 13 songs and a dvd check them out
A Change Of Pace
Dont Let Go A kick ass 5 piece Arizona based Metal/Punk band and have great basses drums and sick  lead vocals and awsome gutiars check them out
Paris Burning is a awsome emo/punk band from matawan/aberdeen nj they  have great bass(bryan dalik) and gutiar (dan caso) and r just sick tcheck them out there great
In Dire Measures (Myspace)
In Dire Measures (Offical Site)
Unfolded Truth Unfolded Truth is a sick band that consist of 4 15 year olds that rock  on everyday go to there site for merchindise, bios, show dates, and more...... they kick butt and they r good guys check them out
ATC ATC is a great sick awsome local band check out there site we might play with them they rele r a good new band check them out
Down By Nine
Ashes Are Nutrious
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