vocals, bass
leader of band
music- rap/rock
eamil- thompsonkid126,-aim,netsfan126-aol
fav songs - Butter On My Bread,athem of our dying day,lean back remix and lean back,just lose it, boom,poem, world is a dying soul,silver and cold, how come,what happinin, jesus walk, remix,mmmbop,i get knocked down,3 pillars of fire ,dye while standing,hope,nookie,writing,mine, Day by day,everything,myself,,magic stick, hell bells,square dancing,
Fav bands/rapers- TAPROOT,afi,blink182,new found glory,yellowcard,godsmack papa roach,story of the year,ac/dc,metallica,LP,nirvana,slipknot,korn,hobastank,
sugarcult,3 doors down,ataris,NOFXeminem,g-unit
fav color-green
fav movies- Dawn of the dead, shrek 2, harry potter 3,anchorman
fav tv shows-chappelles show,south park,sportcenter
quotes-"just because a squirell runs up a tree doesnt mean your gunna get free cable" and "im not liquid u kno im not liquid"and "excuse my french"

Ibanez Sr506 6 string wammi bar
1400 wat amp
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