Band Story
One day chris t the bass came to eric s another bass  and said he had an idea to make a christian rock band he laughed but then thought it cud be a good idea thats when it started chris asked paul spadicini if he wanted to play in the band and he said no but after chris talked him in to it he said yes he wud play the elctric guitar  the next member was johny short and we said he cud play his favorite instrument drumsthe last member was tarek morsey he wanted to play bass so he did then we had to decide on a name it was Faith+5 then we had to think of song chris had already made page of songs and then we had them but then he lost them but 1 day math chystian harris came up with the idea that wud lanch the faith+5 era. the song was "butter on my bread" tthe #1 hit single but thge next week chris found out that he was moving  it was over or was it chris had plans to keep it going  then we started a web site about 2 monthes after he left for arizona then chris and eric though of removing tarek becuz he was muslim becuz it was a christian rock band we removed him and it was made that the name faith+5 wud stay im memmory of tarek then chris and eric decided to end the band but then 3 days after that rob and chris starting writting after rob bozzer and craig christie joined the band they decided to not actualy bring the band back but start writting Then Chris Called Christian and then christian ask to be in the band and chris sdaid yes   this is the story so far of Fait+5................................................................
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