1. Butter On My Bread
2. Jesus
3. I Wanna Rock N' Roll All Night
4. Lets Get Up....And Pray About Jesus
5. Crucafiction
6. When I Die                                     (Lyrics Coming Soon)
7. Jesus Will Die Today
8. Better Is One Day
9. My Savior
10. Welcome To Jerasalum
11. You Raise me Up
12. I Can Only Imagine
13. Outro
When God Rose Again
Big News Faith+5 has now have the songs to make a album we think we have a name of the album "When Jesus Rose Again" we have a list of song and order they will be in the album may take some time but we will have it done by early next year or maybe sooner they will be about 5 to 10 $ we dont rele kno yet so  and well have a new page for the album up well thats the news peace and Rock On!!!!!!!
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