Missing Files

File Name: ActiveSkin.Ocx
Creator(s): Soft Shape Development
Brief Decription: The easy way of getting cool ass I-Faces
Download: ActiveSkin.Ocx
File Name: c0ld.dll
Creator(s): Venky Dude
Brief Description: Contains the Yahoo! Messenger login encryption.
Download: c0ld.dll
File Name: CcrPprg6.Ocx
Creator(s): ECX Programming/ CCRP
Brief Description: This is a custom progress bar.
Download: CcrPprg6.Ocx
File Name: Comct232.Ocx
Creator(s): Microsoft
Brief Description: One of the Microsoft Windows Common Controls available.
Download: Comct232.Ocx
File Name: D32-FW.dll
Creator(s): Unknown
Brief Description: Dunno what the fuck this is.
Download: D32-FW.dll
File Name: FM20.dll
Creator(s): Microsoft
Brief Description: Windows Forms Control
Download: FM20.dll
File Name: ICQMapi.dll
Creator(s): Mirablis
Brief Description: ICQ's mail transfer dll.
Download: ICQMapi.dll
File Name: Venky.dll
Creator(s): Venky Dude
Brief Description: All P.M bombers require this in one form or another.
Download: Venky.dll
File Name: VBRun300.dll
Creator(s): Microsoft
Brief Description: Run Time file needed for all files made with Visual Basic 3.
Download: VBRun300.dll
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