If you wanna contact us you gotta follow a few rules...

1. We are the programmers, not you so don't try to act like your better than us cuz your not!
2. Your my bitch and I'm your daddy!
3. If you are a member of The Elite Prodigy, please refer to rule number 2!
4. Don't ask for favors. I will do you a favor, but not a stranger...When I get to know you I will hook you up and I am a friendly person!
5. No I will not get you i_silent_i's autograph...He is not a celebrity...He ain't fucking Britney Spears (Which I'm Sure He Wishes He Was...So Do I)!
5. My dick's bigger than yours!
6. If you don't believe rule number 5 please ask your mama and she will show you the pictures we made of it last night!

If you agree with these terms, you may continue.


IM Early_M0rnin_St0ned_Pimp2001or you can email me. My AIM screen name is Stoned316 and my ICQ number is ********!


IM c0ldn3s5 or you can email me My AIM screen name is c0ldn3s5 and I like big titties so if you got some of them, please don't hesitate to holla at me!

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