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Welcome to the NukeSylo-Thirteen MechWarrior Clan Terminal.

The future of battlemech combat is here and now,the great houses rise and fall,our world is war torn and all hope is crushed underfoot from 100 ton towers of mechanized steel.

If you are a MechWarrior seeking a clansmanship then you have accessed the correct transmission.

NukeSylo-Thirteen is a clan unlike any other , you will find the information below to give you an idea what it is to become a Sylot Soldier of NukeSylo-Thirteen.

First of all we must inform you that joining any clan requires you the BattleMech Pilot to take on some form of multiplayer gaming responsibility.We of NukeSylo-Thirteen think our clan has the most minimal amount of rules and regulations of any clan online.We ask of you to fully explore and read our website over before you submit your information to us.

All Sylot units are equal to one another , NukeSylo-Thirteen has no ranking system.

There is no attendance schedule required to join our clan , we will find you in the zone battlegrounds.

There is no trial of skill needed to join our clan , we belive that you are capable of piloting your own battlemech.

As a Sylot you are requested to promote the growth of the clan by recruiting other battlemech pilots that you deem worthy of becoming clan members of NukeSylo-Thirteen.

All Sylots must use official decals and the [NS13] or [13] clan tag.

So if you are interested in clan NukeSylo-Thirteen access the SylotCode to read the guidelines and rules.

Access the ImageLab for a visual information data feed.

Your Command Recruiting Host has provided an extensive file database for your battlemech as well as a [NS13]CamoMech Server Cycle List.These files are password protected and are intended for only the members of NukeSylo-Thirteen.

Our ultimate goal is to become a massive merc militia and the war we shall wage within the zone will leave a wake of rusted hulls behind of us.

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