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My Resume
5 years old:  dream of being Yue Fei.
7 years old:  Pride of being a boy, should not play with girls, look what they are playing...
11 years old: In my compsition, I wrote ' I will be a famous author'
12 years old: oh, no differnece between positive number and negative number
14 years old: physics is hard to me, but my teacher asked me to be the presenter of physics class.
15 years old: physics is not hard to me, I knew it...
17 years old: physics is actually hard to me, I will choose to take the major of social scence...
18 years old: Since my physics is not good, I should put more efforts.
21 years old: that girl is charming.
22 years old: should I work?
23 years old: Is it possible for me to remeber a book? yes, I can.
 should  I take physics as my career?
24 years old: Is it a dream? But when I wake up, I lost it...
25 year old: I can get A, I can cook, though I am not good at it...
26 years old: you are my girlfriend, my civic.

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