2004: X LEDANG!!

New route + New faces + New stuffs + New experience= New me.

New route: Things were different. The last time I went, I 
struggled my way through/up/down/into the obstacles. It was 
tough, I tell ya! Now, they had a ladder/rope/mat ready at 
every obstacles. Hmm, maybe next time I go there'll be an 
New faces: More non-irsyad people joined. More boys than 
girls. I only knew Bashir/Azhar/Bakhtiar/Hatta/Mokhsin/
Rashid/Syahid/Hanif. I don't know the rest! I had no problem
with the girls. My new found friends: Farhanah & Zahirah.
2 cool people.
Azhar: This guy is 1 year younger than me and wayyy bigger 
than me. He's very polite. Listen to him talk.
Bashir/Bakhtiar: I think their names are the coolest. It 
starts with B! 
Hatta: Still the same but shorter hair.
Mokhsin: I don't know if I spelled his name correctly.
Last time I pronounced it as 'Moh-skin'! BRO, ARE WE THERE
YET? Let me quote what my ninja friend said: "he kept 
saying "Are we there yet?" all the way along the journey at 
the worst possible times in a very annoying tone."
Hanif: I cannot deny this, but without him, it would be one
dull climb.
Farhanah: 17. AJC. She was so funny! I laughed until tears 
rolled down my cheek! Snapped at her quite a number of 
times too.Sorry sis. The tiredness just triggered my bad 
attitude well.
Zahirah: Very chatty. You see her sure got story!
Kak Su: Wise lady. I think she already covered half of the 
globe. She's going to Japan, again. *grits teeth+envy*
Others not mentioned here were great as well!

New stuffs: I love the cooking competition! My group 
presented 'Ja-choc X'. I had to present in japanese in 
order to convince them it was a japanese delicacy.

New experience: Hatta turned to me and said: "Go ahead,
I give you the honor to be the first person" 0_0!! THANK
YOU SO MUCH!! -cut- and I got to sit on the stone!
My bag was wayy heavier than the last climb. I think it was 
approx. 8 kg. I couldn't pull myself uphill!

New me: Now, the finger beside both of my toes are swollen.

Long live X! 
Long live Tiara! 
Long live Biskut! 
Long live Kacang!

X vs Tiara

camera senget ker orang yg senget?

mmbekk!! mmbekk!! kat gua kambeng.

hari ini aku budak pendek yg paleng tinggi!

sisters-sisters yg kena kutok lembab; sampai jugak puncak!



2004 FlashBack: 
X Ledang!!

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