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Behind The Scene
GLAY Incite.
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Band members are:
Personal favorite of Team Incite. Team Incite claimed that it was the guitar line in Yuuwaku that really diverted their attention to GLAY and immediately fell for them. Hisashi's guitar skills are simply outstanding. It is hard though to distinguish between Hisashi's and Takuro's guitar line, but if you are a loyal listener, you can immediately tell. The music videos will help too.
His appearance is another thing. Those who are not familiar with the J-Rock music scene, tend to think that this 'sweet' member of the band is a woman. Some of them even insisted that he is a gay!(ouch!) Personally, his way of dressing(and make-ups) is really unique, different and most importantly original, especially his hair. All these plus the way he plays the guitar are enough reasons why Team Incite is very much infatuated to him.
He is now 31(2nd feb 1972) and married to Izumi(god knows who)
His favorites are drinking, smoking(KOOL) guns and his MAC.
He also has a pet cat named Ayu.
Unlike Hisashi who has got Takuro and Masahide Sakuma, band's other guitar players, Jiro is the one and only bass player in the band. It is especially hard to detect his bass in most of their upbeat songs. Again, you have to watch the music videos to know the bass line. His bass line are no different from Hisashi's guitars'. They are just as suave, especially the ones in Aitai Kimochi.
Jiro has got to be the most photogenic member. Unlike the others who sometimes look awful in photoshoots,(even Hisashi!) he never fails to look good, of course with the help of his pouty lips and chubby cheeks. He, somehow managed to look as young as 16 almost all the time. That even beats Hisashi who rarely makes people think he is 15! He is just the opposite of Hisashi. Hisashi's the monochrome member while he is the ever smiling, jumping and colourful one.
He is the same age as Hisashi, 31 and married to Reiko, ex-editor of Whats-IN? magazine.
He drinks but he doesn't smoke(simply because his father didn't let him)
The founder of GLAY!
The voice of GLAY!
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