Choose where you wanna go in the Net Pet World?
Relaxation Land:
This is a beautiul island for you and your pet to go just chill and watch the sunset theres also some games and  other stuff to do there. Enjoy Your Stay.
This is a cool place for skiing there is loads to do here so stay as long as you want your pet will love it here there is cool games to do and quizzes Enjoy Your Stay.
The Solar System:
Why not a spend a few days on the milky way? take in the beautiful surrounding visit all the cool planets and play loads of games and go on the rides in the space park.
Terror Mountain:
Are you prepared to be scared out of your skin? well if so Terror Mountain is the place for you visit the house on the haunted hill and go go to the terror park and ride all the rollercoasters. Enjoy Your Stay.
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Beach Land:
Go chill in the sun and get a tan at Beach Land there isnt just realaxing to do here there is loads of games.
Your House:
Chill out and relax at your Net PetHouse or play games.
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