3rd November 2001: Hey Everyone Today I just started net pets kool huh i got the idea of a website called neopets.
4th November 2001:Hey Everyone I did loads of stuff today i got a new address which is www.geocities.com/netpetsworld.
I got a cool flash intro for the beggining of the website and i got a cool flash intro for the homepage i have now got
Relaxation And Snow Land Up And Running So Check Em Out I Am Going To Try And Find Out How To Get Forms For You To Fill In So You Can Be A Member If Possible I Would Like You To E-mail Me And Tell Me What You Think Of Net Pets At
[email protected]
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15th November 2001: Hey Everyone i know i havnt been doin as much as i have been lately but im gonna do as much as i can over the weekend and for everyone who doesnt believe me my name IS! Richard Stewart I AM 12 years old and i live in the UK England and if that isnt enough for you go see my profile!
16th November 2001: Hey Everyone I Told Ya I Was Gonna Do More Ive Done Some Pretty Cool The Highlight Of The Site Is Now Probably The Cool Chat Room I Added Its A LEGEND! Try It Out By Clicking Here.Chatroom I Have Also Got The Solar System Up I Need To Add Loads More Stuff On It Though. And ive Got A Couple More Games On It So I Havnt one That Bad For Today. Right Now Im Off To [email protected]{-_-}@
PS Try Out This Rubbish Website My Freind Made LOL
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