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Last updated on: July 27th, 2009

This site has moved!

None of the music works on this version of the site and in October the URL will dissapear as well.

New URL: NetworkNewsMusic.com.

Update your bookmarks. And webmasters, please change your links.

Feel free to e-mail any comments, corrections, suggestions or criticisms regarding the website to: [email protected]. Thanks for visiting the site!

The mission of this site is to feature every single piece of news theme music used of the broadcast networks. To help me reach that goal, many happy visitors have made valuable contributions to this website. Each time we are closing to reaching our goal. If you can help me, even with the smallest of contributions, I would greatly appreciate it!

Most contributors choose to remain anonymous. To all those who have contributed: a sincere and big 'thank you'!

The music files on this website can be played using Real Player, which is a free audio player available for Windows and Mac systems. It can be downloaded at Real.com.

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