What is NetMessenger:
In order to be successful advertiser on the Internet, you need an edge over the competition.
NetMessenger is a feature-rich direct advertising program designed to deliver your messages directly to desktops, using the latest technology available.

NetMessenger delivers your message directly to the users' screen in a window, which pops up on top of all other applications and windows and ensures that your product will get seen.

NetMessenger provides real-time interaction and a user can respond to your advertisement almost immediately.

NetMessenger Key Features:
NetMessenger uses built-in Microsoft technology to deliver your message directly to desktops running NT4.0, Windows 2000, or XP without the need of a web browser.

NetMessenger comes with a large database of built-in IP ranges that you may send your communication to, literally millions of users, without the need for any email addresses. Each successful broadcast sent indicates that your message appeared on your recipients screen.

NetMessenger can be used to communicate with customers or potential customers in real-time, while email can take days to be delivered and received.

NetMessenger Eliminate the hassles and delays involved with compiling large e-mail lists.

NetMessenger Use IP Address information to target specific geographic locations.

Your message pops up on top of other applications, meaning your ad will be seen.

Delivery is quick, depending on the bandwidth of your Internet connection.

Responses to the messages delivered by NetMessenger are instant. As soon as the message is sent by the software it appears on the screen of the recipient's computer.

The messages sent by the NetMessenger are completely anonymous and virtually untraceable and never shows your IP address, unless you identify yourself.




main interface

ip address book

System Requirements:
WinNT 4.0, Win2000, or WinXP and Messenger Service started.
PIII-700Mhz- 256MB RAM- Internet connection.
Java Virtual Machine (JVM 1.3 or later) installed.

How to Order:
NetMessenger is only $29.00

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You will receive your copy of
NetMessenger by email within 24 hrs.

Contact Us:
If you would like to contact us for more information or on inquires about our product Please send us email and one of our customer service representative will contact you back within 24 hrs.
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