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Small Town Boy Playing With High Tech Toy
Hi my name is Norman I live in Marshville, NC 28103. Marshville is in Union County NC. We are a small town with a small population. The weather is mild here. However in 2000 we got a huge snow storm twenty four inches on the ground. Power was out for five days.

I have a wife of twenty-one years and a wonderful 17 year old boy. I am 46 and I would tell you my wife age but I kinda like staying in the house not in the dog house.

I am a born again believer in Jesus Christ. Only by his blood will any of us have the hope of living with Him in Heaven when we die. Those who don't ask Jesus into their heart will be for ever lost in Hell. Please don't let satan cause you to spend eternity in everlasting punishment. Hell was never ment for us humans; it is for satan and his demons(fallen angels). You can be saved from this horrible end. Romans 10:9 says That if thou shall confess with thou mouth the Lord Jesus, and believe in thou heart that God hath raised him from the dead, thou shalt be saved.
It takes so little to come to know our Lord. I hope you will ask Jesus to come into your heart before that moment your life is taken from you. With the way the middle east is shaping up we are on the edge of a major world war. The Rapture is when Jesus comes back to get his bride (those who take Jesus as their savior). The Bible (KJV) say us christains will be called up before the wrath of God on the wicked. The Rapture is about to happen, don't be left behind and suffer the wrath of God, ask Jesus to come into your life now. God Bless You!!
Norman, Kathy & Joshua
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