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Learn Languages by INTERNET! Links to education, art, literature, poetry, media, music, etc. Links for English, French, Amharic, Arabic, Farsi, Tajiki, Kiswahili, German, Spanish, Greek, Turkish, Japanese and many more.
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-lots of links- فرهنگ
email, forums, calligraphy

Welcome to netlangs DRAGON multiply group page

Translators' Cafe
Zimbabwe Ndlovu Designs
Norton Anthology of World Literature
Andrew Lang 'Arabian Nights'


Dico Hachette
English/French IT DICOS
LookWAYup dicos & translation

online Dutch English Dictionary  

Netlangs Arabic Page
Poetry, Translation, Music, French/Arabic Pages

Hiragana Times
CNN Japan

Kanji Lists

Online Dictionaries

Online Radio Locator

El Mundo
Madrid- Biblioteca Complutense
Sur in English
(Southern Spain gazette)

Professor Bashiri
Central Asia & Iran
Professor Jo-Ann Gross
more translators below more translators below

Ta Nea /Athens News
/Map/Radio /Greek-English
/English-Greek Dictionary

British Library Online
British Council-Online English

Online Lessons at International House
Bell Online

Colorswap image tool - SEE amazing change color flash demo HERE!

Le Monde TV5 Arte


exchange rates
dictionaries, phrase books

with audio (scroll down below 2 steps to flags)

Africa Online
Al Jazeera
Lonely Planet-Travel
DW TV in Kiswahili & in other languages




Research Center
Iranian Children's Literature Tajiki Children's Literature

The Free Textreader download here!
Listen to your writing- great for checking spelling - listen to other pages too

BBC World Service - 43 langs
BBC Asian Network
Guardian Online

Online Links
for language learning (mostly English/TEFL)

Literature Languages
Short Stories
Guide to Grammar & Writing in English
NOW Resources for Educators

Illustration Exhibitions, Art Exhibitions, Cartoon Exhibitions

Babel Fish Translation


Logophilia Word-Lover's Website


Dico Fran�ais-anglais
Paroles de Michele Richard
Le�ons Fran�ais
Russian Journal
Pravda News

Say Hello in 30 Languages!

Taking it Global


WordPress Blogs in every language
Tandem Penfriends
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Bibliomania Online Library

Online Learning Resources

Internet Public Library

More Online Children's Stories

International Children's Digital Library
(Read Books Online from around the World)
Fairrosa Cyber Library

Project Gutenberg
ReadPrint Online Library
World of Languages
Worldwide School Library





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AppliedLangs Translation
Worldlingo Translation


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