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A message of harmony among all human beings, religions,
cultures & nations !
Dont allow governments all over the world to create
hatred among you for their political benefits.

Today, we all human beings / all general public from all over the world needs to come closer to each other. Spread love & peace while removing all kinds of hatred, racism or stereotyping. Love people regardless what religion they have, what nation they belong to, what culture they have etc. Discourage WARS & KILLINGS !
This website welcomes all human beings in this world regardless of their religion, race, country, gender, age, and location. I welcome those who love all human beings and want peace in this world. But if you dont know that what is respect, love, peace, sincerity, purity of soul, spirituality and modesty, please feel free to leave this website.
This website also gives a general message to all human beings in this world that Just keep your eyes on different negative forces which always try to create hatred among different people, regions, religions, and countries etc. Never be a prison of cruel media and politics. They will use you in the way they want ! Just spread Love and Peace !

Website is a general message that generally governments all over the world play their political games.
Don't you remember World Wars I & II ?
I think that every common man and general public from any country or religion is innocent and loving. Basically all human beings are one. This website is for love, peace & harmony among people regardless of their religions, nations, cultures etc. Love human beings as long as they are peaceful and are not in favor of killing innocents.
Website discourages negative governments and political policies + It is against those people only who are in favor of killing and occupying homeland of any community by force without democracy just due to get rich land, money, natural resources and due to many more benefits. So these kinds of people should not visit my website.
Nobody likes terrorism or killing of innocent human beings. Any person should not visit my website who loves the killings of innocent human beings anywhere in the world.
This website is NOT for those WHO LOVE WARS or WHO FAVOR WARS.
One thing is important that all human beings should come closer to each other without any hatred regardless of their religion, country or region. Generally, governments all over the world dont want to solve conflicts among nations. Governments always use innocent public to achieve their political benefits. But it is now our own responsibility to ignore all kinds of politics and hatred among nations.

I think that a common man or majority of public from any country does not like killings of innocent human beings who are from any religion or country.These are the governments which produce conflicts due to their own benefits. World does'nt want 3rd world war now.
You can also find some interesting LINKS ,Quizes, games, songs, Live TV, movies, videos, Articles, kids section, Islamic library, pictures and many things here on this website.Now it's up to you to explore these.
Dont forget one thing in your mind that your ultimate destination is life after death and to meet God. So do whatever you want without disturbing your spirituality, heart, belief etc...Everything is OK as long as it is taking you towards God and spirituality. Now it totally depends that how you feel things, how you feel my website and it's material.

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