California has a lot of great talent that we here in Texas probably have never even heard of. I have come to learn of these groups on internet radio, and what all I'm hearing, I really enjoy. Just to name a few...Tierra, Malo, War, El Chicano, Mystique, Sangria Band, Satisfaction, Mike Jimenez, Pepe M., Anthony Prieto, Steve Salas, The Company Band, Chico Band, East LA Revue Band, Kings & Priests, and so many more that I can't even begin to name them all.  All these groups mean so much to me, I love your Muisica!!
TIERRA  put on a great show at the "Greek Theater" in Los Angeles back in May. This was a dream come true for me to go and see them perform. We all know them for their legendary song..TOGETHER. This group still has that awesome sound, for they are fantastic!! They also have a new cd out titled "WELCOME TO CAFE EAST LA" beautiful cd.  TIERRA you're the best!!
Billy Mondragon, Lead Vocals...for TIERRA
Rudy Salas, Leader, Producer/Vocals...for TIERRA
"SATISFACTION" this group here has it going on.  Eileen, this young lady is also very talented in everything she sings. This group sings all kinds of musica that will make you wanna get up and dance.
MIKE JIMENEZ, you have an awesome sound...melts my heart!!!
Sangria Band, what can I say, The Lady has a VOICE, Frances won my heart over..... you're  FANTASTIC!!!
Music is my passion. In May of this year (2005), I had the chance to fly to Los Angeles and went to a concert that was out of this world. Tierra, War, Malo, El was a blast!!! A trip well worth making, I will never forget!!
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DJ MaloMan, Rocky Padilla, Jimmy Esponiza, DJ Chico M.
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