Welcome to the Coalition

Dedicated to the destruction of Phyrexia.

Current troop positions:
Here be Shadow..... Fernsy's Army Flying Monkey's Army LeonDrkShade's Army Rogue3200's Army Nick's Army Cinder Shade's Army Eclipse's Army Nethya's Army White Knight's Army Yawgmoth's Accountant's Army Crovax's Army Tolaria
The factions:
5-colour White Blue Black Red Green Colourless

Site links:
The War Stories Chapter 6 of Claude Ashton's story, "Coalition 2 : Urdrag's Revenge" is now up. Click here!
The War's chatroom There have (finally ;) ) been site updates, no prizes for finding them though...
The History of the War
The Army Rules

The Phyrexians

Current members of the Coalition
The map grid

All original artwork belongs to Wizards of the Coast, including the maps, the Coalition and Phyrexian symbols. They were obtained from www.magicinvasion.com. If in doubt, everything belongs to Wizards of the Coast.
The stuff that doesn't, belongs to the community of the Wizards of the Coast Coalition/Phyrexian Message Board.

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