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NetHub Internet Cafe is managed by a group of friends who's into computer,art,toys, music & extreme outdoor sports.

You can also enjoy our coffee while surfing and listening to our Internet Radio or reading our Digital Magazine.We have an Internet connection via broadband.Send a FREE!! text message to your friends/families nationwide via Chikka SMS (requires registration) or create a FREE Web base E-mail by clicking the links.

Other services includes PC sales/services,LAN/WAN Installation/Maintenance,Game Console sales/services,Electronic Appliance repair,PDA Sales and  PC/Electronic Gadget sales.

We will handle Security and Surveillance setup SOON!!! This includes Hardware/Software.

Also watch out for Igors Records SOON!!.We will carry a vast majority of Independent Music (i.e.AcidJazz,Punk,Ska,Reggae,Hardcore,New Wave,Indie,Industrial,Gothic,Garage/Psychedelic,Techno,Ambient,

Other useful feature on this site includes:

SSS On-Line Inquiry (Inquire regarding your SSS contribution)
Local/Foreign News (Everyday news)
Job Site (Local)
Yahoo Search Engine (Search the Information Superhighway)
Chikka (Text someone for free nationwide)
When in the Philippines please visit us at 7441 Unit 104 Santillian Bldg.,Santillian St.,Pio del Pilar,Makati City Philippines 1230.

We are open from 1:00 in the afternoon 'til 2:00 in the morning.7 days a week.
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** Internet Access
E-mail check - Php 1.00 peso/minute (maximum min.20)
                        Minimum is Php 10.00
Surfing - Php 35.00/hour
                Php 25.00/half hour
** LAN Games
Php 25.00/hour
Php 15.00/half hour

**On-Line Games
Php 30.00/hour
          Php 20.00/half hour

Black - Php 10.00/page (Short Paper)
             Php 12.00/page (Long Paper)
Color - Php 15.00/page (Short Paper)
             Php 17.00/page (Long Paper)
(Price in color may vary depends on the size of print)

**Data Back-Up/Recovery
CD Transfer - Php 50.00/disc (CD-R not included)
CD Compilation - Php 80.00/disc (CD-R not included)

Floppy Disk - Php 15.00/disk (Generic)
CD-R - Php 25.00 (Generic)
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