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  • Hi thar, I'm Kaliah (kuh-LEE-uh), AKA NetherMileah. This here is my TCG collective. Feel free to browse around, and if you're new to TCGs or find one here that you'd like to join, please remember that NetherMileah referred you! :3

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    nmcount @ Countdown nether001 @ Genki Beam nethermileah @ Sweet Temptations

    News and Updates


    [04-02-07] : Hiatus.
    [02-01-07] : Okay. My plan is to quit a mass of TCGs so that I only have to take care of a few at a time. I've been busier than ever as of lately and will be even busier soon.
    [12-29-06] : Yes, it's 4:00 AM and I'm updating my TCGs. Long story. Anyways, Aesthetic is on hiatus. Countdown has been updated (good timing on my part, it went into hiatus just a while later). The others will be updated tomorrow-- or rather, later today.
    [12-14-06] : I've been so BUSY lately. *sobs* La Musica is no longer on hiatus, and has sent me my starter pack. :3
    [11-19-06] : I may have to quit a few tcgs... Being that I might get kicked out of them anyway. xD I've just been horrible with these updates. @[email protected] This coming holiday, though, I'm pretty sure I'll be able to update them all. ^_^
    [11-07-06] : HUGE update for Sweet Temptations yesterday. I missed so much! xD; I still have to update Genki beam, Aesthetic, and Trading Academy before the week is over... otherwise I'll be kicked out of them all. -.-;;
    [11-04-06] : Happy Blated Halloween! Since I've been slacking, I thought I'd make up for it with updates big enough to cover the lost time. xD But I realized it's very hard trying to do all of that at once. So... I only got two or three updates done this week. -_-; Meh.. I'm trying, I'm trying!
    [10-10-06] : Yay! New layout finally up! ^-^ I was generally looking for a layout with easier navigation, and I think that this one's a lot better than the last one. *nod* Now all I have to to is update a few things, complete a few trades.. and I'm all set. :3
    [10-07-06] : Alright. A week into the month and how many tcgs have closed? Well, I quit two and another closed thant I had joined. So now I've got more 'inactive' tcgs than 'active' tcgs. xD And this explains how I was able to actually -update- all of them. xD Oh yeah, and finally found a layout. It'll be up within the month. *nodster* :3
    [10-01-06] : Hello October. :3 Applied at Countdown TCG today. I should probably re-apply for some of those other ones... *sigh*
    [09-09-06] : Whoo! X3 Leveled up @ Divinity! *happiness* I've finally leveled up at least somewhere! @[email protected] xD
    [08-24-06] : I will be putting up a new layout and changing some page urls soon. But first I need to look for a layout. ^_^
    [08-17-06] : Okay, Platunim is closed, I've quit 5x7.5, and once Mystic rolls around again, I'll be quitting that one too. -_-;; Explanation? Hiatus, hiatus, and the owner of Platinum moved to Divinity. xD So, yeah. It's a done deal.
    [08-16-06] : First to reply is Aesthetic. :3 Oh yes, and a note-to-self to gather up my past logs. @[email protected] Need them to level up. Mystic went on Hiatus some time ago... Look for updates.
    [08-14-06] : Applied for a few TCGs. xD I just kept clicking affiliate links and Sister sites... found a lot of neat ones too! ^-^
    [08-04-06] : Trading Academy completely removed the Dracula deck, so now I'll be collecting Crimson. ^_^
    [08-01-06] : I need to update more often. o.o
    [05-15-06] : o_o The Eternity Cards Website is currently on sort of a Hiatus. Good thing I last updated when I did. @[email protected] Look for updates in the future...
    [05-02-06] : Me and my month-long breaks. -_-;; I think I'm going to change my trade-log system... This way, I can update all on one page and just have basic stats for each individual TCG. ^_^ Sounds good. Will be done soon.
    [04-21-06] : Meh! I wish I could update this thing more often! T_T I've got a trade in progress, so I should be good (at least for this week in the Academy. =| ).
    [03-17-06] : Yes! I've finally gotten everything updated in one week! ^o^ Hooray for meh. *dances*
    [03-15-06] : Sort of. Did/Doing something today. I'm attempting to Level-Up on Mystic. I've got almost 70 cards which within is in the Spirit Level.
    [01-15-06] : No longer on Hiatus. Getting things done around here. ^_^

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