Fantastic flight


Student data

Name: Sean Quek 

Age: 13

Bc No.:S9105413B

Class: 210

School: St Joseph’s Institution

Email Add:


                          2) [email protected]


Character Profile


Name: Johnson Orgel

Occupation: Forensic Scientist

Age: 37 years old

Hobby: Finding up new vaccines and disease



“Did you notice that man son?” grandmother asked

I nodded my head while reading my report.

“ He is giving his body to the Count…may the Lord be with him. ”

I am the grandson of the old lady who visited Jonathan Harker and gave him the crucifix. She persuaded him not to go but…

“ Let see where he will end up to.”

We did not hear about Jonathan as the day went by however we have see a mysterious creature moving around like a bat in the woods.

I heard another thing about Jonathan is that is wife’s friend was died. Not long after I was told to meet Van Helsing’s assistant Tom. He was a good man. We got into researching and experimenting with a part taken from Lucy. With luck we bumped in to a vampire slayer Kevin…

‘I got the part of the skin where the Lucy was bitten’

I handed the specimen over as I said. He took it over and we got ready to experiment on Lucy’s skin. Tom scrapped off the cell and extracted the DNA. Using the DNA profiling method, he tried to find out what had made Lucy’s health failed so quickly.

While Tom was doing the DNA thingy, I did the streak plate experiment with the cell of Lucy. After hours of hard work we realized that it was not a sickness known to mankind yet. We tried to find the source of the virus or bacteria in books. We continued until midnight and Van Helsing sent a telegram.

                               Letter from Van Helsing to Tom

Dearest friend,

                It is unbelievable, however this thing of which Lucy died

from was a bite. This is however this was not a normal bite. It miraculously                  disappeared when before Lucy died. I think or should I say that I belief that it was

a vampire that bit Lucy  

                                                                                                      VAN HELSING

We rested and after lunch, returned to our work and set out to study what Dracula was afraid of. With only the specimen from Lucy we put tried to use all kind of drugs to try and cure the ‘sicknesses’. However we only found out how to prolong the lifespan of the victim. We also manage to duplicate the drug and package it. I did most of the drug testing eventually. Tom did the mutilating, recording and observing of the results.

Vampires as known in the rumors are scared of garlic. Using the juice extracted from the garlic, I injected it with the specimen. The cells of Lucy retreated away from the garlic. Wearing garlic around the neck might seem awful. Thus I tried to produce garlic-smelling perfume.

It was very difficult to extract the juice from the garlic and we did not have the right equipments. Frustrated we went out for a walk at Liverpool Street. The clean air was very soothing, suddenly we bumped into a fierce looking vampire slayer, Kevin…



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