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Hello every one I am Abin Andrews, I am studying Loyola School in 10th std. I am interested in website and other types computer programming. I have been working on this website for 1.5 years. I hope my website is good . Thank you for visiting my website.

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If you want to download any anything about music chords please click here to access the database of Guitar & Organ chords  for free at E-Chords and to search for any MIDI files which is not inside Abin Andrews.Tk's website log on to MusicRobot.Com.

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Class VII B class magazine soon be able to view and download online.....

Internet Hardisk - Online Hardisk explorer.     Online Admaker - Software for making AD     Web Pong Flash  - Online Ping Pong Game

For downloading the above files either right click on the link or click on the link.

Web Pong System Requirements

PC -- with Flash support and 64 MB RAM.

Earth Satellite Online                            New!

Click here to view the earth in any angle you want by the Earth Move Google Software.

Google Earth

Tracker Online                              Special  

You can find this tool only in Abin Andrews.Tk

Find people by there phone number or by the vehicle number online.

Smartmove Kerala

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CBSE Board Question

he revised and updated Abin Andrews.Tk has now included a special package for better scoring in the CBSE Board Exam this year. You can download the set of question paper from Renny.Tk or from the below link  AbinAndrews.Tk online. This is only in Web Renny and Abin Andrews.Tk

Super Cars

Which is the most powerful car? Which is the fastest car? And the costliest car in the world? All three questions have the one and the same answer. Bugati Veryron 16.4. This 1001 bhp. car can travel at a speed of 406 km/h. Do you want to see the picture click on the Bugati Veryon.


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Abin Andrews.Tk has complied all the information in the in one single page for your easy internet surfing and for making project work for very one very easy. Abin Andrews.Tk has made this by combination of all newspaper and encyclopedias in the world into small links and definitions. Only in Abin Andrews.Tk. Click on the link to start exploring
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Two essential downloads for editing DVD.

 DVD - VOB - MPEG-2 Cutter 2.0  (Freeware)  Download Now! A Powerful Tool To Cut DVD Video Files - VOB & MPEG-2.
Size: 180 KB

Microsoft Windows 98/Me/NT/2000/XP/2003/2005 Media Center/Longhorn

DVD - Video VOBMerger v 2.0 (Freeware)  Download Now!
Use it to join .vob files once they have been backed up on your hard disk for uninterrupted viewing or whatever else it may help you  with .Size: 270 KB

Microsoft Windows 98/Me/NT/2000/XP/2003/2005 Media Center/Longhorn


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Tools for Tracking People Online

Clickcaster-podcast creation tool
Esnips-online file storage
Putfwd-online file storage
Webridge-discussion on any site,blog,page etc
Platial-people's Atlas creation project
Listible-Applications lists
Koolweb2-place 4 finding Application lists
Econsultant-hosting and locating Applications
Web2.0slides-through slide shows
Mashable-trackers Web 2.0
Buzz-shout-trackers Web 2.0
2.0 websites-trackers Web 2.0
Neobinaries-trackers Web 2.0
Fourio-geographical Distribution
Krun-Online File compressor
Locknote.steganos-File encryption Tool
Clip-Online Clipboard

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