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Until I created this SPAM-free system, I usually got overwhelmed with SPAM. The problem was: My email was all over the internet and usenet because I am an open-source developer, amongst other things.

I created this page so that SPAM bots searching the internet for email addresses won't find mine.

I don't mean to be unfriendly, but SPAM like this really wastes my time. Please help me out so this doesn't happen. This all goes under the age-old situation of a few people ruining things for everyone else.

I most likely want to hear from you. So please just follow the steps outlined below -- you only have to do it once! Also, please don't distribute my email all over the web, but instead distribute this URL. If someone sends me an email and I don't have a record of their address, they will get a response that points them to this page. If they don't follow what is outlined here, the email will be held (max 6 months) until it is thrown away as suspected SPAM with no guarantee of ever being read.

When I send out emails, I don't want the recipients to be annoyed when they reply. Therefore, emails sent out have their recipients automatically added to the accepted people list.

Please distribute this web page URL instead of my email. Its permanent and you can depend on it always being accessible.

Pay attention to this image. If you cannot read it, hit until you can.
In order for me to recieve emails from you:
Enter the alpha-numeric characters you see in the image above (case is unimportant), plus space and then the number of the image exactly as you see it:
Example: "AR7TYP2 045"
Enter your full qualified email address:
Optionally, you can enter in more information so I will know whom the email entry corresponds to. This will be stored with your email within the list of known emails.
Example: 145 Main Street
East Hampton, CT 06033
Homepage URL:
Additional Info:
Example: I stained your deck.

Email verification

When you are finished with the above, click here:

In order to verify your email address, you can copy the text and paste it into the compose window for a mail application. Then, send it to . Alternately, you can use your default mail client to send the email.

If something on this page doesn't seem to be working right, please file a bug on this at

In case you want to view my emails, they are listed below (they will be sent also with the verification email


Personal Emails: Send email
Mozilla related emails: Send email
Verification email: Send email

If you want to know how to do encrypted emails yourself, check out this page by Jim Tucek. You can use this page, and all you have to do is modify the getEmail() function, the input boxes above, and please change the images. Even if you don't have a UNIX sendmail server like I do, you can make a macro in Outlook, etc to handle the mail you are sent and parse the data I put here and use your contacts list to save known emails.

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